Private Virtual Desktop through the Cloud = mobility for your work force!

VMware View is a desktop virtualisation solution that delivers a high fidelity end-user experience across devices such as the tablet computers, thin clients and PCs.

Our virtual desktop delivers you a reduced cost, and increases data security through the centralisation of the desktop environment. This centralisation results in greater end-user freedom and mobility.

Virtual Desktops can deliver dynamic, elastic desktop cloud services such as applications, unified communications and 3D graphics for real-world productivity and greater business agility.

You no longer need to purchase new desktop PCs or Windows or Office licenses, your users can work remotely such as from home and allows for hot desking which translates into smaller offices and reduced office lease overheads.

Bring your own device (BYOD) now allows for your workforce to bring any type of computer into the office so to enjoy the same standard corporate virtual desktop access!

With significant cost savings with reduced power usage as a typical office PC uses 355w versus a tablet or thin client with monitor which uses less than 55w.


There are huge differences in data centres across the world, and even greater differences in the types of Internet connectivity that providers use within them.


100% Uptime

Clear Cloud Solutions can provide systems where the odds of failure are reduced to the point where they are statistically insignificant.


Data Centres and Network

Clear Cloud Solutions's Data Centres are arguably the most sophisticated in the Asia-Pacific region.


Red Hat Linux Hosting

With our team of Red Hat Certified Engineers and Red Hat Certified Technicians, Clear Cloud Solutions provides 24x7 expert support for your Clear Cloud Solutions virtual dedicated server.