Backup and Recovery

A lot can happen in one business day. Imagine if that day was lost through a missed back-up or failed restore. Our Backup and Recovery solutions mitigate risk and fulfil the needs of your business and storage infrastructure perfectly.

Backup technology has evolved dramatically over recent years. Gone are the days of storing hundreds of backup tapes in a filing cabinet.

It’s essential that back-up processes and routines are planned carefully and with the needs of the business in mind. Clear Cloud Solutions focuses on delivering simple yet concise Backup and Recovery services that are tailored to your business.

You’re Only as Good as Your Last Successful Backup

It is important that your IT environment is secure and backed-up. In the event of a disaster you need to be able to restore the network and get the business back up and running, with no loss of data.

With an in-house server there is always an element of doubt, a small niggling feeling… Are the backups working? How long would it take to restore them in the event of a disaster? What if the server is stolen, or damaged in a flood or a fire? Will the backups restore to different hardware? Do I have room in my budget for new hardware?

Catastrophes have happened and continue to happen because companies fail to recognise the importance of a robust Backup and Recovery strategy. Many companies focus their IT spend on redundancy and mirrored systems and pay little heed to backup solutions. One does not cancel the other out. Back-up will always be an integral part of any infrastructure management plan.

Clear Cloud Solutions provides Backup and Recovery Services that give our clients total peace of mind. We ensure total data integrity, protection, availability and recoverability across your infrastructure. We have invested highly in our backup technologies and offer support and assistance when you most need it.

Backup Options – Including Clear Cloud Solutions Managed and Client Run Backups

  • 14 daily backups on secure NAS for immediate restore purposes
  • Extended retention period - up to 3 months available on NAS
  • Both full image and individual file/folder restore capability
  • Extended retention time available for client specific needs up to 7 years

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If you’re struggling with your backup routine, worried about losing data, or simply need a hand with formulating a brand new backup strategy we can help.

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