Monitoring and Alerting

Clear Cloud Solutions has deep experience in monitoring and alerting and can take this to any level or requirement. If your server is particularly sensitive for any reason, please discuss your monitoring needs with Clear Cloud Solutions.

Network Layer

We monitor all switches and connectivity to ensure the integrity of our connectivity.

Data Centres

The status and efficiency of all HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), power generation, security, management and support systems are automatically monitored. We also track the health of servers, firewalls, load-balancers and other platform components. Automated monitoring technologies provide alerts in the event of data centre or device failures.


With our own security expert and access to two teams of consultants, we produce systems that monitor and alert for potential breaches of security.

Processes and Services

Our customers rely on us to measure a number of other important infrastructure variables. A customised monitoring program can be configured to track and document bandwidth utilisation, security incidents, firewall reports, load balancing and other activities.

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Clear Cloud Solutions's Data Centres are arguably the most sophisticated in the Asia-Pacific region.


Bandwidth and Data

When it comes to bandwidth and data it's critical that you know exactly what you are getting...



It's essential that backup processes and routines are carefully planned to suit the requirements of the business.